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    Growing up on the sunny island of Cyprus, spending most of our days outdoors, our search for the perfect pair of denim shorts started at a young age. For us, the perfect shorts can be likened to a well-fitting undergarment: they should be easy to slip in and out of, and they should hold and sculpt, but never pinch or cut. 

    Travelling around the world, we discovered a few gems over the years, but were let down by most ... So the idea was born to design our very own line of shorts, crafting the perfect fit and finding exactly right blend of materials that would allow all women to feel confident and, just as importantly, comfortable. 

    The result is an alluring and functional line of shorts ranging from denim to leather; you can have yours distressed, frayed, hand-embellished or painted, but you'll always get our signature cut, which is specifically designed to celebrate the female form. The slightly stretchy materials will feel smooth against your skin, and mould and adjust to your silhouette. 

    Our shorts provide a blank canvas to let your individuality shine, taking you straight from the beach to an evening out. Candy on a String is synonymous with femininity, confidence and creativity.

    We hope your search for the perfect denim shorts will end with Candy on a String - we know ours did.